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Ngabuburit: Fast Breaking with Love

Gerkatin Kepemudaan (The Youth of Gerkatin) held an event called Ngabuburit: Fast Breaking with Love. It was attended by a deaf speaker from France, Marietta, and a special guest, Mr. Bambang Prasetyo, the main Chairman of Indonesian Association for the Welfare of the Deaf.

Now, in line with the event's theme "Ngabuburit: Fast Breaking with Love," while waiting for the iftar time to begin with our Indonesian deaf friends, Ms. Marietta will share knowledge about Love.

One of the topics of the presentation is the 5 love languages. In our daily lives, to maintain relationships with those we love, we all give and receive love in 5 different ways:

  1. Words of affirmation

  2. Acts of service

  3. Receiving gifts

  4. Quality time

  5. Physical touch

These are the 5 love languages that need to be applied with our loved ones on a daily basis. However, each love language should be practiced within certain boundaries depending on the relationship and cultural context.

During this event, the deaf attendees were also given the opportunity to discuss and present the negative impacts of relationships and their solutions.

This was followed by a Q&A session and group photos, concluding with breaking the fast together.

For more detailed information, you can watch the event on Instagram @gerkatin_kepemudaan:

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